your comany is a product

when you think of your company as a product, you ask different questions: do people who work here know how to use the company? is it simple? complex? [9]

“this is iOS 10.1, 10.2”…we think of our company the same way…version 50.3 of Bascamp [11]

straight from ‘Lean Startup’


we work on projects for six weeks at a time, then we take two weeks off from scheduled work to roam and decompress [10]

this sounds amazing

‘hustle’ is bullshit

But you rarely herar about poeple working three low-end jobs out of necessarity wearing that grind with pride. It’s only the pretenders, those who aren’t exactly struggling for subsistence, who feel the need to brag about their immense sacrifice [18]


metric bias

[How about] serving your customers well? Or being a delightful place to work? Just because these goals are harder to quantify does not make them any less important. [26]

companies are not families

Whenever executives talk about how their company is really like a big ol’ family, beware…their motive is rather more likely to be a unidirectional form of sacrifice: yours [77]

managers must gather feedback

When the boss says “My door is always open,” it’s a cop out…who knows how a superiour is ging to take such pointed feedback?…posing real, pointed questions is the only way to convey that it’s safe to provide real answers [84]

equal work = equal pay

We no longer negotiate salaries or raises at Basecamp. Everyone in the same role at the same level is paid the same [109]


quiet office

Rather than thinking of it as an office, we think of it as a library…people who visit our office for the first time are startled by the silence and serenity [120]

small meetings

Any conversation with more than three people is typically a conversation with too many people [174]