Bhagavad Gita

tldr: to act is unavoidable; dharma allows for proper action w/ out misguided claim to the fruits of action


📝 Hinduism starts to form around 500 BC; mainly limited to Indian subcontinent


“He can become detached from the consequences of his acts, and so long as he acts from dharma, he will not suffer bad consequences. He can be in the world through action but not of the world through detachment…acting in such a way that one is detached from the consequences of actions is superior to the attempted detachment from action itself” [xx]

Krishna first appeals to Arjuna’s reputation (“people will speak of your disgrace”) [17] before a philosophical argument (“your concern should be with action / never with an action’s fruit”) [19]

“Fools say, ‘Theory and practice are different!’ But not the wise: either one performed correctly will yield the fruit common to both” [44]

“Who sits apart, indifferent to foes, associates and friends, neutral to enemies and kinsmen, righteous and wicked, is renowned” [50]

Krishna: “I radiate heat, Arjuna / I hold rain back and let it go / I am immortal life and death / I am being and non-being”