DX (dev experience) should be a thing

What is DX?

'DX' means 'dev experience'.

Why are you coining a neologism?

Developers lack a succinct and memorable way to characterize a software library's ease of use.

Is this like UX (user experience)?


Why should I care about DX?

For the same reasons you care about UX. If your project is unpleasant to use, other developers won't use it, or move to another project that's easier to use.

How to have good DX?

Use 'immediate files'.

What are immediate files?

If you’re browsing a directory full of source code, it’s useful to see the documentation or build script that “kicks off” the entire project. This is why exa calls them immediate files — they’re meant to be the first file you read or run.

What are some examples of immediate files?

Examples include: