Grasshopper Jungle - Andrew Smith


Disaster flick crossed with rom com starring two midwestern teens. Austin and Robby, our two midwestern teens, undiscouraged by surplus of mutant insect-induced carnage.

indicative quotes

We sat there sitting and smoking. Everything was shitty and confusing. Robby felt terrible. [45]

It’s good to have a cigarette with your best friend [96]

why bother?

Fun and funny and sweet. Galloping story. Characters you will like. The book is really YA in label only, so don't be scared off by that.



Queer is just a word. Like orange. I know who you are. There’s no one word for that. [120]


The book would be as big as the universe, and it would take multiple countless lifetimes to read. History necessarily had to be an abbreviation. [67]

You could never get everything in a book. Good book are always about everything. [76]