Everybody wanna be like Mike / but Mike wanna be like L - Big L

Do not dream of influencing other people, I would say, if I knew how to make it sound exalted. Think of things in themselves. - Virginia Woolf

once you find your lane you can't cruise / once you define the game you can't lose - Ka


Culllaaaah struck! - Zora Neal Hurston

If you complain, no one wants to hang out with you. - Gil Scott-Heron

Closed thoughts and an open face. Smile at everyone, and don't tell them what you're thinking. - Paul Graham


You have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself - Miles Davis

You have to practice before you can become aware of your original nature, your original face - Road to Heaven


We talked with continually increasing intimacy. We seemed to sink through layer after layer of what was superficial, til gradually both reached the central fire. We looked into each other's eyes, half appalled and half intoxicated to find ourselves in such a region...I came away bewildered, and hardly able to find my way among ordinary affairs. - Bertrand Russell, on meeting Joseph Conrad

I miss you, it's as simple as that. I want to tell you everything. - Phantom Thread


Because computers are dumb, pedantic beasts, programming is fundamentally tedious and frustrating - Marijn Haverbeke